Notebooks have always been my thing. I have a bunch of them that serve a number of different purposes. One for finances, one for to-do’s and the list goes on. However, none of them seem to keep me organized or as organized as I thought they would. If anything I found my bag on the heavier side trying to remember everything I need to do.

Every year it has always been my mission to be more organized than the year before. Something about the New Year stirs up a sense of purpose and productivity. With all the planning apps available today, there is just something about putting pen to paper that excites me.

Last year one of my dear friends Lala announced that she would be launching her very own planner I thought “ Hallelujah, God answers prayers”. Why you ask?! Around that time is when I had made the decision to finally start blogging. This planner kept me organized like no other. As a mother (uber driver to my children) wife, part-time stylist and interior decorator, content creator and full-time career woman the Purpose and Productivity Planner has definitely kept me on the ball.

Not only is this planner designed to keep you organized but it also helps you plan with purpose. It encourages you to set goals, stick to them and track your progress.

The Purpose and Productivity Planner has replaced my need for a cluster of unnecessary notebooks. There is an area dedicated to “to-do’s”, “weekly wins”, “weekly check-in’s” and so much more. This planner will literally keep you accountable for your dreams and aspirations for 2019.

If you are not using a paper planner here are 5 reasons why you should consider using one.

1)Using a planner help you stay organized.

Yes, this is the most obvious reason for using a planner. With basketball practice, pick up and drops offs and my regular day-to-day routine having a place to keep all my appointments and reminders keeps my stress level down and allows me to enjoy my daily routines.

2) It allows you the opportunity to get creative

The advantage of using a paper planner is it gives you the chance to customize your planner in your own way. Using different coloured pens, stickers, highlighters and washi tapes gets your creative juices flowing. It’s actually therapeutic and relaxing activity for me.

3) Keeps your goals visual.

Using your planner forces you to plan with intent and keep your goals at your fingertips. I like to keep my planner open on my desk every day to keep my priorities visible and focused on the task at hand.

4) Using a paper planner reduces digital distraction.

Yes, I love my iPhone don’t get me wrong. However, my planner allows me to take time away from IG, Facebook and email notifications. I recently read an article that referred to the “D” in digital as “distraction” How true is that??

5) Creative Memories

Yes, a planner does keep me organized but it also keeps a record of the year’s memories and years from now I can look back and revisit the goals I set for myself and see how far I’ve come.

Overall a planner has made me a much more productive person!

To purchase and take a peek inside The Purpose and Productivity Planner you can visit here:


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”A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Are you a paper planner or do you rely on your device to keep you organized? Comment below!

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  1. Great Post! Writing everything down helps me stay on track and follow through with what it is I want to do! Achieving your goals are so much easier when you see it daily right in front of you!

  2. Amazing blog! Failure to plan is planning to fail. And 2019 is a year with no room for being unprepared. I will be “Planning with Purpose”.

  3. I agree with all the reasons that were stated. I need a concrete visual tool to keep me organized and keep track of daily tasks. Cant always rely on my phone. If my phone dies I’m SOL lol. Love the blog!

    1. Anna we are all guilty of relying on out phones at some point. I’ve been there a time or two. Hope you entered to win the planner! It’s definitely been helpful for me!! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Execution can be tricky, incomplete or faulty without a plan, and taking that a step further without a plan that is written down. Also, sometimes the vision and dreams we have can be so big they are daunting. Writing the plan in sizeable, actionable steps with timelines makes them attainable, increases your probability for success and keeps you in alignment with purpose.

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