Thinking back to last year around this time, my anxiety was at all-time high. The thought of packing lunches, trying to get my little guy up in the morning and most of all arguing with him about what to wear wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

I remember specifically one Friday morning last winter, my then 10-year-old son and I had a huge blowout about what he would wear to school that day. I swear to you If he could wear the same Nike Tech Fleece Tracksuit every day he would. We argued and argued till finally my hubby took over and said:: “you get ready, I’ll deal with him”. All flustered I headed over to my room and stood in my closet thinking”what am I going to wear, I have no clothes”? That’s when the planner in me said “enough is enough” this is when I decided we were going to start planning our outfits for the week as a family. Heck, people “meal prep” so why not “style prep”

Now it’s tradition every Sunday my son Nathaniel, my daughter Angelique and I take an hour or so to pick out what we will be wearing for the week. I find this makes thing so much easier in the morning for all of us. It literally takes 10 –15 minutes to get dress because things are laid out and easy to find. Let me share with you some quick and easy tips on how we choose our outfits for the week.

7 Easy steps on how to choose your weekly fits.

1) Check the weather, what you plan to wear will definitely depend on the weather conditions.

The Weather Chanel

2) Think about what you have planned for the week ahead such as:

• business meeting

• brunch, lunch or dinner with friends

• Casual Friday

• Try-outs

• Basketball Practice

• Dance Class

• Gym

3) Create a variety, things you may be able to mix and match:

• Dresses

• Slacks

• Skirt

• Suit

• Track pants

• Blouses

• T-shirts

• Sweaters

4) Create a Foundation – Go through each day and pull clothing accordingly, laying them out and teaming up from the variety listed in tip number 3. Hang them up on a clothing rack or place them in a hanging organizer and tag for the appropriate day.

5) Accessorize – choose your jewelry, shoes, purses or belts to go with each out outfit, try to stick to neutrals for these that way it makes it easy to go with any options from the outfits chosen in tip 4.

6) Always pick a piece of outerwear to layer up. It’s always easier to take a layer of clothing off rather than be unprepared for a change of weather or the air conditioning being too high in the office.

7) Get ready to hit that SNOOZE button one more time, if your anything like me you’ve just given yourself 20 minutes of extra sleep.

Do you style prep? If you don’t style prep, you should really start! You will thank me later.

Now that you’ll have some extra time in the morning have a cup of coffee on me!!

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  1. I’m sooo in love with this. Quick question, what would you suggest as an alternative to place your outfit-plan? As in, I don’t have much space to work with, can you suggest a sorter or hanging organizer?

    1. Absolutely, You can also just hang your weekly choices on a hanger and section off a portion of your closet for the 7 days of the week. Or you could use the hanger style organizer I used in the article and hang it right in your closet. Hope this helps!!

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