I often get asked where I purchased an article of clothing or even an entire outfit and when I respond “thrifting” I usually get this surprised look followed by “YOU thrift ?” to which I respond “yes quite often actually”.

I’m not sure why this would come as a complete shock to people? Nevertheless, I’ve learned a lot of people are skeptical about thrifting for many reasons. Some believe that thrift stores carry nothing but junk and other people’s old and dirty clothing when in fact there are more than capable staff hired to weed out the undesirable items people wouldn’t be interested in.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy thrifting. One of my favourite places to find the most unique and one of a kind items is Value Village. Which my cousins and I refer to as “VV Boutique”. Whether you are on the hunt for a 90’s style piece to complete your ootd (outfit of the day) or even looking for a beautiful piece of furniture to do your next DIY (do it yourself), in my opinion, VV Boutique is a great place to start.

Depending on the locations you choose to go to, you can literally furnish a whole room or stack your entire wardrobe with second-hand items donated from people in wealthy areas. I recently decided to re-decorate my home office and thought how can I do this on a budget? Thrifting is where I decided to begin my hunt.

Here are 5 tips to make your thrift shopping experience a breeze

1. Location, Location, Location.

Do your research – find out which locations are in the right part of town. High end and good quality items are best found in the right locations.

2. Bring a Friend.

My daughter and I love to thrift shopping together, we try to make an afternoon of it. It also helps with getting a second opinion on which items to take home.

3. Set aside enough time.

Thrifting is not an in and out doctors visit type of situation, you want to ensure you have set aside enough time to find the best pieces. Especially if you are looking for clothes, you will need allocate and hour or two to go through the racks thoroughly. I find those hidden gems are where you least expect them. I especially love the men department.

4. Go with a plan.

If your goal is to amp up your work, school or casual selection shop for wardrobe staple pieces otherwise you will get confused and pick up items you may not necessarily need. Make a list of things you have in mind before going so you can make things extremely easy for yourself.

5. Don’t be afraid to touch.

The thought of these items belonging to a complete stranger can be scary to some, but remember before these items are placed on the racks for us to buy they are hand-picked by the staff. Not every item dropped off makes it onto the racks.

I like to keep the items I purchase in a plastic bag and take them straight to the dry cleaners before bringing them home, or alternatively through them right into the wash.

I like to clean out the kid’s closets to repurpose those items we no longer need, and then take it with me when I go. It definitely keeps the house and closets decluttered and of course makes room for new items.

Remember ever trip may not be as successful as the last, keep at it and just like every other shopping experience, you’ll find exactly what you weren’t looking for lol!!

If you live in the Greater Toronto area here are a few thrift stores I also love to visit: (tap the link to go directly to the website)

Plato’s closet Scarborough

Play it again Val

Consign Toronto Great for your high-end needs

Black Market Toronto

Real Fur Vest – Play it Again Val
Levis Jeans – Value Village Ajax
Zara Bomber Jacket – Play it Again Val

Are you a thrift shopper? Where do you thrift? What are some of the awesome pieces you’ve found?

Comment below!!


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